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Tips in Choosing a Large Format Printer

The needs of advertising industry continuously changes. Long before, small pamphlets and leaflets are enough to advertise a business. But nowadays, big companies prefer huge tarpaulins and (bulletin) to endorse their products and services, making various brands of large format printer to be popular. This article will give you useful tips in choosing wide format printers, as well as comparison of popular brands.

* The first thing that you should do is to read large format printer reviews online. There are a lot of websites that post useful reviews that can help you know the advantages and disadvantages of various printer brands. As you read reviews, you can also compare the prices and features of each brand.

* Determine which features will be useful to your business. In most cases, certain features or the latest upgrades are more expensive. Choose one that best suits your needs. If you want a simple copier or just an ordinary wide format plotter, you can look for older models. These are cheaper than the new ones, yet it can be just as useful to you.

* Most advertising companies use large format printer, but if your business is still starting, you can get a 24 x 36 printer. Some of the best brands to look for are hp, Epson, and Xerox. They produce quality prints whatever paper you use. Most likely, they are the top manufacturers and the most reliable in the industry, so choosing one from another will not be easy. You can check some websites for comparison of these brands. They often vary in the price, printing speed, and size of prints. For instance, hp designjet printers cost $10,000 while Epson is just $1,300. Why is there such big difference? Because an hp large format plotter can print sizes up to 60 x 300, while Epson stylus is limited to 17 x 22 prints. Now, you know why you need to determine your printing needs before buying one? It really makes a difference in terms of the price. You should not just purchase any kind of printer or copier you want.

* To save money, you can also buy used printers. There are lots of plotters for sale online. You can search in eBay and other online stores, since they often offer discounts and free shipping. You can also buy in auction sales to get cheaper wide format printers. If you are currently expanding your business and are operating large-scale, you can also place bulk orders to get discounts.

* If you are also in need of scanner aside from the printer itself, you can purchase all-in-one printers to save. Search online for specific brands that offer all-in-one printers, since not all companies produce such. One that sells multi-purpose plotters is Epson. Check if its specifications and printing size capacity are appropriate for your needs.

* Know which brands have the nearest authorized service centers in your area. This will help you easily bring it there in case there are problems. They also have the necessary supplies, just in case some parts need replacement.

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